R2o - Rent to Own

Flyt Rent to Own 'R2o' scheme

Our Rent-to-own scheme are design to give our customer another option owning a car while renting it. Ever thought of renting a car were not worth the money as the car were never be yours, right? 

Our R2o scheme advantages;

  • flexibility is our core service 
  • it doesn't require hefty deposit/downpayment
  • flexible tenure of your choice
  • no penalty on unfulfilled tenure, just simply return the car and clear any outstanding rental up-to-date
  • ability to switch or upgrade car whenever you want
  • most of our R2o available cars are drivable for E-Hailing, which means you may pay the rent while drive and earn from E-Hailing services
  • no mileage limitations, you may drive the car as much as you want!
  • inclusive of schedule service & maintenance and with Liability Damage Waiver (LDW)

The scheme works through a rental agreement that gives you the option to end with a sale – or, to put it more simply, you can try multiple of your desirable car model before you opt-in the scheme.