Refund Policy

Refund for Unintended Booking

  1. The charges of the vehicle shall commence on the date of reservation of the vehicle to the vehicle hirer and shall remain in force until the date the vehicle is returned to the vehicle owner, or the termination or cancelation before the effective start date, whichever is earlier.
  2. Prior to the reservation date, a deposit may, or may not be required to be paid by the vehicle hirer to the vehicle owner as security for the rental of the vehicle. If deposit is required, the deposit will be refunded to vehicle hirer the FIFTH (5th) week from the car returned.
  3. Refund upon termination or cancellation on the reservation will only be effective if the cancellation is not more than 48 hours from the reservation commencement date. Any termination or cancellation made after 48 hours from the reservation commencement date shall be rejected.
  4. Flyt will incur a 20% processing fee for all refund requests from the total transacted amount.
  5. Refund process will take THREE (3) to FOUR (4) week. The amount is expected to be reflected to the Hirer’s bank account on the FIFTH (5th) week from the termination or cancellation request date.
  6. Flyt will notify the User via email regarding the status of the refund request.

Refund if Vehicle Not Received

  1. Hirers are advised to contact vehicle owner to arrange the time and location to pick up the vehicle. Keep in touch with the vehicle owner to prevent any communication breakdown. We suggest notifying the vehicle owner immediately after the booking is done, and a day before the pickup date. The owner contact details can be found in the receipt issued to your email upon successful booking.
  2. If the vehicle owner is non-reachable after couple of tries. Please file a complaint to with your reservation code shown in your receipt. We will review and investigate the case within 48 hours. If the case or complaint is deemed to be true, we will issue a refund without any penalty or charges. This refund process will take THREE (3) to FOUR (4) weeks, and the amount is expected to be reflected to your bank account by the FIFTH (5th) week from the refund issued date.
  3. If you did not arrange the time and location, or did not bother to keep in touch with your vehicle owner prior to your booking date, Flyt will not be responsible any of your damage.

Refund for Vehicle Incidents

  1. Flyt will not be responsible for any incidents happened during your driving or reservation period.
  2. If you are unhappy with the vehicle during your trip, you may give a bad review on our platform after you returned the vehicle. All reviews will be reviewed by us, and investigate if deemed appropriate and necessary.
  3. If there’s too many bad reviews given, a warning will be shown on the vehicle owner’s profile to warn any hirers that intend to book the vehicle; which also can be found during the booking process. Hirer will bear the risk if the hirer insists to proceed with the booking.